1. To develop and implement a comprehensive framework of support services for MSME development, given the importance of the sector to the overall Nigerian economy.

2. To ensure that the MSME Policy recommendations of ECN are embedded in Government planning frameworks in a broad-based and integrated manner and that Government recognizes MSMEs as indispensable agents of economic growth and poverty eradication.

3. To promote partnership with MSME support institutions and organizations as well as facilitate the delivery of their services to MSMEs.

4. To advocate for the development of appropriate platforms to prepare MSMEs for the challenges of globally integrated markets and the attendant high levels of competition.

5. To foster the development MSMEs by adopting international best practices and deploying appropriate contemporary technology to deliver timely information and capacity building to MSMEs.

6. To promote women’s entrepreneurship and ensure gender-balanced economic development.

7. To reduce regional and spatial imbalances with regards to industrial development within the Nigerian economy by facilitating the establishment of MSMEs in rural settings and in previously underserved urban areas.

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