Enterprise Club of Nigeria (ECN), an entrepreneurship development NGO, is an integrated and Unified Platform for MSMEs and all other stake holders in the MSME development ecosystem, particularly Government Agencies, Finance Institutions, Investors, corporates, support service providers, chambers of commerce, associations, regulators, policy makers and others with like minds, to connect, deliberate, share information and knowledge for the growth of the MSME sector as well as discover solutions to the pertinent challenges in the sector. The cardinal goals of ECN are to spread awareness regarding Government’s Promotional Incentives/Schemes, advocate for better policies programs and projects for the sector, facilitate linkages for stakeholder interaction through expos and fairs as well as build capacity of MSMEs through skill acquisition and enterprise development workshops.

Our believe in the MSME sector stems from the established fact that MSMEs drive a large number of innovations, initiate entrepreneurship, support diverse economic activities and contribute to national growth through employment generation, investments and exports. They are the backbone of any economy, nursery of enterprise & innovations as well as an important instrument for poverty alleviation and attaining inclusive and sustainable growth.

If provided with the right financial, enterprise development and technological assistance, the MSME sector holds the potential to sustainably grow the Nigerian economy to enviable heights.


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In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
Advocacy Activities

· Regular engagement with the government and policy makers

· Regular business Clinic and round tables

· Regular provision of data and evidence through field survey of business environment and operators

· Coalition with other business management organization across the country

· Strong partnership with multilaterals and international development organizations

· Dialogues and moral suasion

Capacity Building & Entrepreneurship Development Activities

· Consulting and Counseling

· Skill Acquisition & Skill Enhancement Programs

· Business Education and Business Development Services

· Conferences & Workshops

· Special programs

Information Activities

· Weekly Business Newspaper

· Quarterly Magazine

· Online Newsletter

· Social Media platforms

Research Activities

· Sectorial Surveys and Business Intelligence Data

· Policy Research and Analysis

· Opportunity and Market Research


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Michael Okon
Michael Okon


Chief Executive Officer

Ofonime Esshiet
Ofonime Esshiet

Programs Manager

Programs Manager

Panor Okon
Panor Okon


Content Developer / ICT Consultant

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